Episode 96. Great Baritones Sing Charles Ives

Episode 96. Great Baritones Sing Charles Ives



To help me and all my American friends celebrate the Fourth of July, I bring you a gorgeous bevy of great low-voiced singers performing songs by that emblematic US-American composer Charles Ives. I offer thirty of his songs which display a wide range of compositional, musical, and literary styles. Some of the greatest Ives interpreters are on display here, including Thomas Stewart, Samuel Ramey, Donald Gramm, Sanford Sylvan, Kurt Ollmann, Gerald Finley, William Sharp, and William Parker, accompanied by Alan Mandel, Dalton Baldwin, Alan Feinberg, Warren Jones, Steven Blier, Craig Rutenberg, and others. I finish the program with Jerry Hadley performing that most celebratory of Ives’s songs, “The Circus Band.”


Thomas Stewart, Alan Mandel:

The Things Our Fathers Loved (Text by Charles Ives)

Thoreau (Text by Charles Ives)

In Flanders Fields (Poem by John McCrae)

Autumn (Text by Harmony Twitchell Ives)

William Sharp, Steven Blier:

from Lincoln the Great Commoner (Text by Edwin Markham)

August (Text by Dante Gabriel Rossetti after Folgore da San Geminiano)

My Native Land (Text by Charles Ives after Heinrich Heine)

The Innate (Text by Charles Ives)

Samuel Ramey, Warren Jones:

A Night Song (Text by Thomas Moore)

In the Alley (Text by Charles Ives)

An Old Flame (Text by Charles Ives)

Slow March (Text by Lyman Brewster Ives, Charles Ives and other family members)

Sanford Sylvan, Alan Feinberg.

The Rainbow (Text after William Wordsworth)

Premonitions (Text by Robert Underwood Johnson)

Luck and Work (Text by Robert Underwood Johnson)

Evening (Text by John Milton)

Gerald Finley, Julius Drake:

Feldeinsamkeit (Text by Hermann Allmers)

Ich grolle nicht (Text by Heinrich Heine)

Kurt Ollmann, Mary Dibbern:

The Housatonic at Stockbridge (Text by Robert Underwood Johnson)

Theo Bleckmann, Kneebody [Ben Wendel, Adam Benjamin, Shane Endsley, Kaveh Rastegar, Nate Wood]:

In the Mornin’ (arr. by Nate Wood; Anonymous Text)

William Parker, Dalton Baldwin:

At the River (Text by Robert Lowry)

Watchman! (Text by John Bowring)

Chanson de Florian (Text by Jean Pierre Claris de Florian)

The Camp Meeting (Text by Charles Ives, Charles Elliott)

Donald Gramm, Richard Cumming:

Two Little Flowers (Text by Charles Ives and Harmony Twitchell Ives)

Serenity (Introduction by Aaron Copland; Text by John Greenleaf Whittier)

Charlie Rutlage (Introduction by Aaron Copland; Text collected by Alan Lomax)

Donald Gramm, Donald Hassard:

The Side Show (Text by Charles Ives after Pat Rooney)

General Booth Enters into Heaven (Text by Vachel Lindsay)

Jerry Hadley, Craig Rutenberg:

The Circus Band (Introduction by Jerry Hadley; Text by Charles Ives)

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